About Us

DMND company dba Modiax.com, is a holding company with a diversified group of companies under its umbrella. Modiax has a unique strategy of growth and diversification. By supplying IT and Web 2.0 social media/internet solutions to companies and in addition to an earned fee, it takes an equity stake in these holdings. This allows Modiax to grow its balance sheet and core holdings with little capital outlay or dilution.

Modiax focuses on three areas of activities that may yield extraordinary long term rewards with diversified revenue streams:
  1. Asian Online/Web Development Services: Our joint venture/business partner, Zenetek will often convert brick-and-mortar clients into an overnight web sensation. We often take a minority stake in those companies in exchange for web development and conversion services.
  2. Asian Web 2.0/Social Media, Mobile Apps Development:  Currently in talks with several clients for major developments and strategic acquisitions.
  3. Offshore IT Outsourcing & Software Solutions: One stop shop for IT and software solutions.

Modiax is committed to creating significant enduring value for our shareholders and all other stakeholders through the following strategy:

  1. Build, acquire and commit valuable resources that generate competitive advantages;
  2. Participate and compete in selective businesses with big, growing markets;
  3. Design and implement excellent management systems; and
  4. Create sustainable value for shareholders through capital appreciation or public offerings of individual business units.

Scope of Business

  1. M&A advisory services in selective high growth Asian clients
  2. Asian Web/social media networking sites
  3. Asian emerging grow markets with concentration in multi-media, software development, offshore IT outsourcing services
  4. Asian special situations: Investments in selective opportunities with potential for high growth.

Keys to Success

  1. Resources: Identify, build, acquire and commit valuable resources within and across businesses to create competitive advantages and significant value.
  2. Dimensions of scope: Manage growth along geography, product markets, and vertical integration in order to capitalize on inter-company distinctive core competencies.
  3. Administrative context: Design, implement and continually improve the corporate structure, systems and processes in order to maintain control, provide coherence and create corporate advantage across businesses
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