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Modiax designs don´t just look nice; they say something. Our custom designs reflect your brand – whether it be corporate, personal, or e-commerce – and make you money. We do not let the bells and whistles get in the way of generating results.

Our website development projects include creating powerful back-ends for video news websites, development of social media websites, and the creation of complex e-commerce websites. Good quality development work is easy to come by, but having a team that can do both the development and the design of a site is crucial in getting the most bang for your buck. Our company designers take into consideration the type of website development that will go into the creation of websites and what design will be best suited to make full use of that development work.

Our web development process ensures that your project remains flexible. At any point, you have the possibility to add features to your website as we work on a modular platform that allows for an unlimited number of additions to be made to your back-end features. For our SEO clients, we have created URL rewrite engines to improve the search engine friendliness of their URL’s. Some clients wish to have full control over the website content via a content management system. For example, one web development client wanted to be able to crop and replace all of the photos on their website, decide which pages they should appear on, and track how many clicks each image received. This way the client could easily find out what calls to action work the best to entice visitors.

Modiax is one of the leading web development companies with offshore location in Saigon, Vietnam. We have long Web & Social Network Clients and portfolio that reflects our commitment to long-lasting relationships and perfection. Contact us today to start growing your online business.

Mobile Application Development
We provide our clients with best-in-class mobile development services, leveraging agile development methods tailored to the needs of each client. Our developers are all client facing, working effectively, directly with product owners. We utilize test-driven development to produce tested code in fast, regular iterations. We start demonstrating working software within one to two weeks of starting a project, and continue the process of demonstrating and collective feedback (weekly or biweekly) throughout the development cycle.

Business and Product Strategy
Most of our project engagements are based on an understanding of business goals and key product requirements. During these engagements, Modiax Mobile provides the critical direction and review for these applications. We provide regular checkpoints in our design and development roadmap but focus on providing a high-level interface for our clients. Key to our client engagements is ensuring alignment between business goals and our work efforts. We bring our marketplace experience and technical understanding to help find an ideal features versus benefit for each project. Our experience working with many different models is essential in assisting and brainstorming our client’s product roadmaps.

User Interface Design
We provide full creative services including product wireframes with detailed screen mockups. These become the basis for creative design around key interface elements. We also work in close partnership with a range of interactive agencies. We are experts at integrating custom design and building a bridge between design and implementation.

Mobile Apps Clients

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